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Dog bathrobe and human poncho made from recycled plastic bottles perfect for a camplife.

Wet Dog & Co is a kickass startup that's all about providing eco-friendly goodies for dogs and their rad owners. We're all about seizing the moment and making your time with your furry pal a blast! We're not afraid to get wet and dirty, and we're totally stoked to help our planet by offering less harmful options.

We're here for all you adventurous souls out there who love exploring the great outdoors with your four-legged sidekicks. Our gear is designed to keep up with your wild escapades while keeping Mother Earth in mind. We've handpicked a wicked selection of eco-conscious products that not only pamper your pup but also minimize our impact on the environment. It's all about making responsible choices and having a freaking awesome time!

From super-tough, waterproof collars and leads to hooded, recycled towels matching for you and your puop, Wet Dog & Co is your go-to hub for eco-friendly pet supplies. When you gear up with our stuff, you can dive headfirst into those muddy adventures, knowing you're supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

Come join our tribe of adventure enthusiasts and make a positive difference for your furry bestie, yourself, and our incredible planet. Embrace the awesomeness of wet paws and choose Wet Dog & Co for an unforgettable, eco-friendly experience with your badass canine companion. Let's rock those adventures together!

Thank you for supporting our small business based on the Surfcoast, Vic.
Fun recycled drying robes for dogs and waterproof collars and leads
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