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Wet Dog was born in 2021 in Jan Juc, a small coastal town in Victoria, where dogs are an integral part of the community.
Nelly ( Wet Dog Founder ) started sharing stories of dogs and their owners, and she fell in love with the unique connection between every human and their dog and how people talk about their fury babies.

Not long after, she started developing the first Wet Dog and Co Product - Wet Dog Recycled Surf Poncho and funky dog bathrobe, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The idea for Wet Dog and Co poncho/robe was born when she saw that there were no towels available to dry her dog after their beach walks.

Wet Dog Ponchos save time and energy, as you don't have to rub your dog for ages before they are completely dry. They also keep your home and car clean and your dog cosy and warm.
Not long after we started developing new, functional products for wet doggos, such as waterproof and stink - proof collars and leads or recycled bandanas. We are working on introducing more products to make your adventures with your dog even more enjoyable and easy to maintain. 

We say yes to bum shakes after the swim!
We say yes to wet paws.
We say yes to belly rubs.
We say yes to long beach days with our pups!

We also say YES to surfing and our planet, so we could not resist making recycled ponchos for humans and dogs - matching so that we can enjoy outdoor time with our pups even more!
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