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Wiggle and Mingle

Let our dogs wiggle their bottoms while we mingle!

 Not sure about you, but we know the feeling when it's hard to make new friends and even harder if they don't like our pups, haha! 

We are aware of mental health issues, isolation and anxiety rising in Australia, and we decided to connect some people and dogs to simply make new friends, have fun and be active together!

Local adventures are just around the corner to fulfil our lives and allow us to share our passion for dogs and the outdoors. 

So let's do it!

First Wiggle and Mingle is in December!

Bring your dog, a dog leash and a water bottle! We will start the walk at the Ironbark Basin; the exact length of the walk is to be confirmed.

If you don't have a dog, no stress; you can come along too! You must love dogs, though ;p

Save the date!

When? 10th of December, Saturday, 8 am.

Where? Ironbark Basin Carpark. 

If you are planning to join us, please sign up for the event below. We want to make sure that we have a little gift for each of you <3

We will walk around 5.5 km; and the walk itself should not take more then 1.5 h, we will mingle a bit afterwards so perhaps block around 2h of your time.



Wiggle and Mingle dog walks



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