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Introducing the Otway Pattern Dog Drying Robe - A Must-Have for Your Adventure Buddy!

Make every beach day unforgettable with our super-absorbent and eco-friendly hooded towel, designed to keep your dog dry and cozy after all their muddy and watery escapades. Now, your furry friend can enjoy a good shake in the car without any worries about wet drops! 

🐾 Our Otway pattern dog drying robe is available in size M, making it perfect for a range of dogs from German Pointers to Heelers, Border Collies, Kelpies and similar breeds. It's adjustable, so you won't need to upgrade as your pup grows. We will extend the collection by size S and L, although we need to see if you love it as much as we do, and then we will be placing another order… small biz decisions, hey! Please give us feedback; we need this <3

🧵 Tailored for Comfort: Our Otway Hooded Towel boasts a convenient drawstring around the neck, allowing you to customise the fit, so no more post-bath or swim shake-offs – it's all about snugness and security.

👌 Versatile Snap Buttons: We've added snap buttons at the front to let you fold the towel under if your dog has shorter legs, ensuring they won't trip over it. Plus, snap buttons on the side for easy adjustments, ideal for growing pups or those with a leaner build. No need to keep buying multiple sizes – our Hooded Towels are adaptable!

🌊 Eco-Conscious Materials: Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, each dog towel embodies approximately three plastic bottles, benefiting both your dog and our planet.

💨 Quick Dry and Sand-Proof: Our Otway towels rapidly soak up water and dry quickly, so you can use them multiple times a day. Say goodbye to wet shakes in the car or at home – our towel will save your car windows and floors.

🐕 Tailored Tail Coverage: We've included a split cut around the tail for dogs with shorter spines, allowing it to sit nicely on their back and dry their bum. Longer pups still get full back coverage, keeping them comfy and cozy.

🏖️ Your Dog's Comfort, Your Peace of Mind: Wet Dog and Co ensures your dog enjoys outdoor escapades and bath time without any fuss. Our dog bath robes provide the perfect fit, ensuring your dog stays comfy, stylish, and happy, no matter their size, shape, or location.

M size Measurements:

Back to the tail split:43cm

Total back length: 58 cm

Head opening/neckline - 47-53 cm

Choose the Otway pattern for a unique and stylish beach experience! 🌞🌊🐶

Don't forget, we're committed to being eco-conscious:

🌱 Our products are sent in compostable mailers.

🏷️ Our labels and tags are made from recycled materials.

🔧 We offer repairs for our ponchos up to one year after purchase to avoid them ending up in landfills.

Get your matching Otway poncho today and cruise on the beach like no one else! 


@wetdogandco In the journey of life, some bonds are pure magic. 🐾💫 The connection between a dog and a human is one of those treasures. They’re more than pets; they’re family, friends, and the most loyal companions. At Wet Dog and Co, we understand that love, which is why we create products like our hooded towel to keep them cozy. Our dogs care for us, just as we care for them. That’s the beauty of this unbreakable bond. Our new Ottway pattern is coming soon in size M for dogs and unisex for humans…sign up for our newsletter to not miss out on this as we have limited stock available ❤️🐶 #DogLove #BestFriends #wetdogandco #hoodedtowel ♬ original sound - Wet Dog and Co
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