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Dog Hooded Towel I Forrest

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Ready to take your dog's post-adventure or bath-time ritual to the next level? Wet Dog and Co proudly present our Hooded Towels, designed to make your pup feel like the true star they are. We're not just offering a towel; we're delivering pure comfort, style, and fun for your furry friend.

🧵 Customizable Comfort: Our Hooded Towels feature a handy drawstring around the neck, allowing you to tailor the fit precisely. It's all about snugness and security, so no more post-bath or swim shake-offs.

👌 Versatile Snap Buttons: We've got snap buttons at the front to let you fold the towel under if your dog has shorter legs, ensuring they won't trip over it. And, for growing pups or those with a leaner build, snap buttons on the side provide easy adjustments. Say goodbye to buying multiple sizes – our Hooded Towels are adaptable!

🌊 Eco-Conscious Materials: Our dog robes are crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Each dog towel incorporates approximately three plastic bottles, making it a win-win for your dog and our planet.

💨 Quick Dry and Sand-Proof: These towels soak up water rapidly and dry quickly, allowing you to use them multiple times a day. No more wet shakes in the car or at home; our towel will save your car windows and floors.

🐕 Tailored Tail Coverage: We've even thought of a split cut around the tail. For dogs with shorter spines, it sits nicely on their back and dries their bum. Longer pups still get full back coverage, ensuring they're comfy and cozy after all their adventures.

Choose the right size and style from Wet Dog and Co to keep your pup dry, stylish, and full of smiles after every adventure. 🚿🐶

Measurements of the Forrest Hooded towel for dogs/ Dog Bath Robe 

Small (S): Our Small Hooded Towel is designed for petite pups like the Jack Russell, Smaller Pug, and other small companions with a shorter body leght. The midi size below is very similar, it has a longer body for these longer dogs :)  Especially with this one, snap buttons at the front are handy, as if your dog has got short legs, you can fold the front under and snap it, plus adjust the hood with the drawn string :) 

Midi: ( S/M)  The Midi Hooded Towel is simply longer in body length compared to the small size - it is just right for dogs like Cavoodles, Cavaliers, Westies, smaller Beagles, bigger pugs or Frenchies and other similar-sized pups who need a balance of comfort and style after their outdoor escapades. 

Medium (M): Medium size  - our best seller It's the perfect fit for Australian Shepherds, Kelpies, Heelers, Larger Beagels, Border Collies and other active medium-sized breeds. With this towel, they'll be ready for their next adventure in a flash.

Large (L): Our Large Hooded Towel is ideal for big guys like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds or Greyhounds ( especially since you can adjust the neck hole with the drawn string). After a swim or a romp in the mud or a river, this towel covers them (literally!) and keeps them dry and comfy. * Please double check the neck of your dog as our Large size has got right nec hole for medium Labs dog size, if your dog has got a massive neck it might be a bit tight.

  How do you put the drying dog towel on a dog?

1. Put the poncho on a dog through the neck hole.

2. Then, cross the straps under the belly and create a bow on the top of your doggie spine. It works like a bathrobe. 

How to use the drying dog towel?

You can leave it on the dog to dry, optional; you can gently massage your dog to help him dry quicker :) We usually leave the poncho on the dog for around 15 minutes, then hang it to dry out. Wash it in a cold water and hand to dry with no time <3 


If the size you are looking for isn't available, please e-mail us at to PRE-ORDER  or give us feedback and we really want to make sure that this towel fits all!

@wetdogandco Holly loves walks in the rain… especially when she can snug in our towel afterwards 🐶 #wetdogadventures #wetdog #rainydays #wetdogsofinstagram #adventures #dogsofinstagram ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS
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