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Van life with dog.

Dive into the adventure with Bex and her mischievous sidekick, Maui!

Dive into the salty sea breeze and join the rollicking adventures of Bex and her mischievous sidekick, Maui! These two are more than just your average human-canine duo—they're a dynamic duo of mischief and laughter, ready to take on the world, one soggy paw at a time.

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Meet Maui, the cheeky 13-month-old Labrador with a wagging tail and a heart full of mischief. Named after the legendary Maori demigod, Maui brings a dose of myth and magic to every adventure. With his boundless energy and insatiable curiosity, Maui is always up for a romp along the coast, from Torquay to Apollo Bay, sniffing out hidden treasures and secret rockpools along the way.

But Maui isn't just a beach bum—oh no! He's a certified water enthusiast, always making a splash and refusing to let Bex swim alone. With his "rescue" antics and playful splashing, Maui turns every dip in the ocean into a wild, laughter-filled escapade. Who needs a lifeguard when you've got Maui on duty?

Of course, no adventure with Maui would be complete without a few hilarious mishaps along the way. Take, for example, the infamous possum incident—a tale that still has Bex shaking her head and reaching for her wallet. Let's just say that Maui's appetite for adventure sometimes comes with a hefty vet bill attached. Note to self: always invest in pet insurance when you've got a Labrador with a taste for the wild side!

But despite the occasional mishap, Bex and Maui share an unbreakable bond built on shared traits and shared laughter. From lazy afternoon siestas to indulgent feasts (Maui's appetite knows no bounds!), these two are peas in a pod, with Maui always ready to offer a wet-nosed reminder of the joys of living in the moment.

So, next time you're out exploring the world, keep an eye out for Bex and Maui—whether they're strolling through city streets or making waves along the coast, you can bet they'll be the ones leading the pack with their infectious energy and irrepressible spirit. If you want to know more follow us on IG as we will share more stories about these two on our IG <3 

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