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Funky, Recycled, waterproof Collars and leads

Why Waterproof Collars And Leads Are Good for Dogs

Waterproof collars and leads offer numerous benefits for both dogs and their owners, especially for active pets that love outdoor adventures. Here are some key advantages of using waterproof collars:

  1. Durability and Longevity: Waterproof collars  and leads are designed to withstand harsh conditions. They don't wear out easily, even with exposure to water, mud, or rough play. This makes them ideal for dogs that love to swim, hike, or play in the rain​.
  2. Odour and Stain Resistance: Unlike traditional collars, waterproof collars don’t absorb moisture, which helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and mould. This means they don't retain unpleasant odours, keeping your dog smelling fresher for longer​ .
  3. Easy to Clean: Waterproof collars can be easily wiped down or rinsed off after a muddy walk or a swim. This makes maintenance simple and convenient for pet owners, ensuring that the collar remains in good condition without much effort​.
  4. Comfort and Safety: Many waterproof collars are designed with materials that are soft yet strong, preventing chafing and irritation around the dog's neck. They often feature smooth, rounded edges and flexible materials for added comfort. 
  5. Eco-Friendly Options: Some waterproof collars, like those from Wet Dog and Co, are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles coated in TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This makes them a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious pet owners. TPU is a non-toxic material that is durable and resistant to water and oil​.
  6. Strong and Secure Hardware: High-quality waterproof collars ( like ours)  often come with stainless steel or rust-resistant D-rings and buckles, which ensure the collar remains securely fastened even in wet conditions. This is particularly important for dogs that pull or are active​.

In summary, waterproof collars are a practical and beneficial choice for adventurous dogs and their owners. They offer durability, easy maintenance, comfort, and safety. Additionally, Wet Dog gear is made from recycled materials.  Investing in a waterproof collar ensures that your dog can enjoy all outdoor activities without compromising comfort or cleanliness.



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