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lucy bartholomew ultra runnner and her dog

Running Paws: Adventures with Ultra Runner Lucy and Her doggo, Tani

Woof! Today, we're excited to introduce you to Lucy Bartholomew and her furry sidekick, Tani. Lucy is a professional ultra trail runner, and Tani, her rescue dog, is a mix of Rotty, Labrador, and Blue Heeler. Together, they make an unstoppable duo.

lucy bartholomew and her dog in wet dog gear

Tani's superpower? She can hear the peanut butter jar or cheese container open from anywhere in the house or garden—talk about talent!

Lucy and Tani love exploring new places, especially those with water. Their favourite adventure spot is Pound Bend in Warrandyte, a dog-friendly river area where Tani can splash around and socialise with other pups while enjoying the bush scenery. One unforgettable moment was when Tani's stubborn Rotty side showed itself during a mountain run. She decided to plop down and refuse to move until she had a schmako and some water. It was a hilarious yet bonding experience that highlights their shared determination and spirit.

Describing Tani in three words: independent, all-in, and stubborn. Lucy sees a lot of herself in Tani. As an ultra runner, these traits help Lucy push through tough races, and she sees the same resolve in Tani. If Tani could talk, Lucy imagines she'd say, “My voice sounds nothing like when you try to imitate me!” 😂

Their daily routine involves two walks—one with Lucy and one with her dad. When not out exploring, they enjoy cosy times in the kitchen or on the couch. Tani loves car rides, sticking her head out to watch the world go by. She has a unique talent for picking up huge sticks and balancing them on her nose before flicking them into the air and catching them herself—a display of her quirky independence.

Lucy loves Wet Dog and Co gear because of its durability and eco-friendly design. The collars and leads are made from recycled plastic bottles and are designed to withstand their active lifestyle. Tani's new collar has been especially useful for quick leash moments during kangaroo encounters in the paddock. Lucy's favourite items are the collar and lead in the Forrest colour—perfect for their outdoor adventures.

Follow Lucy and Tani's adventures on Instagram @Lucy_bartholomew. They share their journey, tips, and more fun moments there!

lucy bartholomew and her dog
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