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Dusty's Adventures: A Kelpie's Journey through NSW with Hayley and Liam

Dusty's Adventures: A Kelpie's Journey through NSW with Hayley and Liam

Hey there dog lovers! We've got a new blog series for you - Behind the Dog. In this series, we'll be talking to some awesome dog owners about their furry best friends and their adventures together.

First up, we've got Hayley and Liam, and their dog Dusty. Dusty is a 4-year-old red Kelpie who loves to swim and run on the beach. So let's dive in and get to know this trio a bit better!

Hayley and Liam first met Dusty's breeder, Farmer Frog, during a drought in NSW. Liam and his friends helped out by taking supplies out to a town called Dunedoo, where he met Frog and Dusty's litter. A few weeks later, Liam went back and traded a case of Toohey's New for Dusty. When he first came home, Dusty was a really light brown color, which inspired his name, but after a bath, they discovered he was actually quite dark and just filled with dust!

When it comes to their favourite spots to take Dusty, Hayley and Liam take him everywhere they're allowed to bring him - cafes, pubs, parks, and beaches! Their favourite campsites in NSW are Delicate Nobby at Crescent Head, Lani's Holiday Island at Forster, and Bretti Reserve near Gloucester. Dusty is a big fan of the beach and swimming, often needing a little encouragement to get in, but once he's in, he loves it!

Dusty wearing Wet Dog and Co waterproof Collar

One of their most memorable moments with Dusty was when he was just a puppy and managed to sneak out of the yard. After searching everywhere, they finally found him running along the beach with some children who had found a ball to throw for him. Another great memory was during their trip around Australia, where Dusty would wake up each morning to cuddles and was always ready for the day's adventures.

Dusty's personality is almost identical to Liam's - both are super chill and easygoing, not much phases them. Hayley jokes that Dusty would say he's obsessed with his dad and sometimes his mum asks for too many cuddles!

Currently, Hayley works as a legal assistant, and Liam is an operator, but they're saving up to buy a house with a good yard for Dusty and plan to travel around Australia again for a couple of years. Dusty used to go to work with Liam when he was a landscaper and even helped dig trenches!

You can follow along with Dusty's adventures on his Instagram page @dustystripofaus, where they document their day-to-day life and preparation for their next big trip. They've even introduced their border collie, Zephyr, to the page! So be sure to give them a follow and send in your own dog pics to add to their collection.

If you would like to explole some of their favourite  locations here are some links: 

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Dusty - Kelpie - the traveller  <3



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