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Get Ready for Some Doggone Fun: Elyse and Sunny's Adventures Unleashed!

Get Ready for Some Doggone Fun: Elyse and Sunny's Adventures Unleashed!

Hey there, dog lovers! Time to paws and join us for another edition of Series Behind the Dog, where we dig into the pawsome world of our furry friends. Today, we've got the scoop on Elyse and her golden retriever extraordinaire, Sunny, a.k.a. Sunshine, a.k.a. Sunbun! Get ready for a doggone good time as we delve into their epic journey together. 🐶💫


So, Elyse had this dream of having a golden retriever named Sunny, and guess what? Fate intervened when she spotted a pic of a little pup rocking a yellow collar, already named "Sunny." Talk about meant to be, right? Sunny hopped on a plane from Queensland to join Elyse's squad, and they've been inseparable ever since. 🌈❤️

Now, let's talk favorite hangouts. Sunny's tail wags like crazy for the beach! From New South Wales to Perth, and now living the aloha life in beautiful Hawai'i, Sunny's beach-loving heart is always on full display. Waimanalo beach and mountain hikes are where they unleash their inner adventurers. 🏖️⛰️

But hold up, we've got a splash-tastic story for you! Sunny, despite living in Torquay, hadn't really dipped his paws in the water. That all changed when they hit the sandy shores of Hawai'i. Elyse took Sunny to a quiet beach and gave him swimming lessons. At first, he was like, "Wait, what is this wet stuff?" But guess what? Now Sunny's a pro at riding those waves, and he even dives underwater to fetch shells and sticks. Talk about doggone impressive! 🌊🐾

surf dog

You know what they say, dogs often resemble their owners. And Elyse and Sunny are totally twinning! Both sporting golden locks, living an active lifestyle, and being total beach buffs, they're a match made in doggie heaven. And as for what Sunny would say about Elyse? Well, his heart is overflowing with love for her, but being a golden, he's probably giving love to everyone and everything! 🌟❤️

When it comes to work and life, Elyse is rocking the freelancing and eCommerce consulting gig, which means she's got the flexibility to tag Sunny along on their wild escapades. Daily walks, thrilling hikes, and epic beach days are all in a day's work for this dynamic duo. Work hard, play harder, and cherish those tail-wagging moments! 🌴🐾

You can catch more of their action-packed adventures on Elyse's Instagram at @elyse_peace. And if you're curious about her eCommerce prowess, swing by @wildthingecommerce for a glimpse into her digital wizardry.

Camping with dog

And you know what? She's not holding back. Elyse insists that EVERYONE needs to get their paws on our incredible products. Trust us, rad chick as Elyse gives us their seal of approval, we can't help but do a happy dance! Thanks a million, Elyse, for your kind words and for letting us be a part of your EPIC adventures. We're stoked to know that our products are enhancing your journey every step of the way. So, folks, don't miss out! Join Elyse and Sunny on their wild escapades and grab some Wet Dog Co. goodies for your own furry companion. Let the good times roll! 🐾🛁

Hooded drying towel for dogs

We hope you had a barking good time reading about Elyse and Sunny's unbeatable bond. Stay tuned for more wag-worthy tales in our Series Behind the Dog. And remember, share your heartwarming pics with us! We can't wait to see those adorable fur babies in action. ❤️📷

Would you like to be featured on our blog, reach out! <3

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