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Understanding the Difference Between PVC and TPU for Waterproof Dog Accessories

Understanding the Difference Between PVC and TPU for Waterproof Dog Accessories

Hello, Wet Dog Crew! Today, we want to get into an important topic that affects the quality and performance of our furry friends' collars and leads – the differences between PVC and TPU materials. We have noticed an increasing number of waterproof options in the market made from PVC, while our products are coated in TPU. In this blog post, we aim to highlight the significant distinctions between these materials and explain why we have chosen TPU as our preferred option.

  1. Temperature Resistance and Softness: One notable distinction between PVC and TPU lies in their response to temperature changes. PVC may harden in low temperatures, potentially impacting its flexibility and comfort for your pet. In contrast, TPU remains soft and pliable, ensuring that your dog's collar or lead retains its comfortable fit regardless of the weather conditions.

  2. Weight and Environmental Considerations: When comparing PVC and TPU of the same size and thickness, TPU tends to be slightly lighter. This weight advantage contributes to the overall comfort of the accessories for your pet. Moreover, TPU is considered more environmentally friendly and can be recycled, making it a sustainable choice for pet owners concerned about their ecological impact.

  3. Odor and Chemical Resistance: Another notable difference between PVC and TPU is the presence of odors. PVC often emits a distinct plastic odor, which may be bothersome for both pets and owners. In contrast, TPU is odorless, creating a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. Additionally, TPU surpasses PVC in terms of abrasion resistance, low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and overall resilience.

  4. Environmental Protection: Regarding environmental protection, TPU stands out as a favorable choice. TPU exhibits excellent environmental safety performance by not containing any plasticizers, phthalates, or other prohibited materials. On the other hand, PVC raises some environmental concerns. Furthermore, TPU offers superior softness and elasticity compared to PVC. TPU can be stretched up to twice its length, while PVC tends to break when stretched and lacks the ability to rebound.

At Wet Dog & Co, we have chosen to utilize TPU coating for our waterproof collars and leads, ensuring that your pets can enjoy maximum comfort, durability, and style. Additionally, we use stainless steel D-rings, further emphasizing our commitment to quality and sustainability. To align with our eco-friendly principles, the webbing of our waterproof accessories, as well as our hooded ponchos, towels, and dog bandanas, are made from recycled plastic bottles.

We really value the trust you place in our products and want you to know that we're always striving to learn and make improvements for the benefit of your furry companions.

Remember, our ultimate focus is on keeping our pets cozy and secure. By choosing the right materials, we take a big leap towards accomplishing that goal.

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