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How it all started - Wet Dog and Co story

How it all started - Wet Dog and Co story

So I haven't really shared my story... and how Wet Dog and Co came to life!

So here we are:

Wet Dog and Co was born from the love of the doggies and the environment. My dogs, especially Bunji, love the ocean, and he gets wet whenever we are at the beach. I spent hours drying him properly and thought there needed to be an easier way! The collars got stinky and mouldy, too, and you don't want to get a new one every few months.

So I did some research, and 2 years back, I found one poncho made from polyester, pretty bad quality and not sustainable! So I have decided to create something easy, fun and not so harmful to the planet. Wet Dog ponchos are matching for humans and dogs, and they are made from 100% recycled plastic, which prevents this plastic from landing in landfills. We also offer poncho repair up to 1 year after using the product! 

According to collars and leads, there are many options made from rubber or PVC, which obviously it's not that great for the planet!  

So I found a material called TPU which our collars and leashes are made from. You can recycle them, and they are biodegradable between 3-5 years. They are waterproof, non-toxic and super durable, so they will last you a long time without the need to upgrade them each season! 

I would say buy less, just buy smartly! Although I know it is sometimes tricky, that is why Wet Dog and Co comes in, combining cute and conscious shopping.

Wet Dog and Co is not just about selling products; we want to connect people, share their stories and make people and dogs happy! We have many ideas, so hopefully, we can make it happen. 

Also, I don't want to say that it is 100% sustainable brand as it is not, but it's fun, durable and as much sustainable as possible. I am just super happy that I can decide to choose fabrics, suppliers, delivery or packaging, and if I can make it right, I will. It doesn't make it easier, but I believe that if every business owner thought that way, we would live on a healthier planet. 

How did I end up in Jan Juc, all the way from Poland?

Well, I like to take risks and follow my gut ...and heart! So I fell in love with an Ozzie, and I ended up in Oz...sometime after, we broke up, and I had nothing other than dogs left ;p 

Simply wanted to make sure that they stayed warm and happy, so I needed to figure something out and I have created a label aligned with my values. 

What is different about Wet Dog compared to other brands?

Actually, there is no brand on the market ( as I know of) that creates surf ponchos matching for people and dogs made from recycled plastic. Some ponchos for dogs are available online, but none are made from 100% recycled plastic, so that's pretty rad! Surf brands starting introducing clothing, ponchos made from RPET, which is great. More than marrier, as we all have the same goal of finding more sustainable solutions. 

What are my plans for the future?

I dream of creating a fun brand with various eco-friendly products for dogs and matching for humans. Products that support all the adventures and make life easier and more fun! I would love to educate people about the importance of making conscious shopping, support mental health and create a community of dog lovers!

My big dream would be to collaborate with brands like Patagonia, which would allow me to focus on dog gear and perhaps match with their technical adventure-focused clothing. Well, they don't know about that yet, but everything starts with a dream, so why not to try one day?

How people/ customers can support Wet Dog?

There are many ways to support me and my business. 

If you are already a customer, reviews are a KEY! That way my future customers know what they can expect, supporting our online sales.

Here you can share your thoughts about Wet Dog and Co.

Also, don't forget to tag us @wetdogandco on IG or send us a picture so we can share your cute dog on our online platforms. 

If you are part of the community, give us a like, share our profile on IG or other social media platforms or simply mention Wet Dog to a friend who has got a wet dog ;p They might need our gear!

All of it is extremely helpful and I am super grateful for already having so many supporting followers!






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