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Best vanlife buddies

Best vanlife buddies

Meet Jac and Buckley!

Some of you might know that I love interviewing my models and I adore reading about how much we all love our pups, so here is another story of the love between a human and a dog!

I asked Jack a few questions, and I am telling you, you will enjoy it reading it


1. What breed is your pooch and what is his personality?

Buckley is a Border Collie cross who knows what?!  

He is extremely fluffy and soft, has a cute little face, a crimpy tail, and short spotty legs that have startled to buckle in his later years with his arthritis. He also now has the sweetest little grey eyebrows and whiskers and puffs constantly. He often sleeps with his tongue poking out slightly. 

 Bucks was actually quite a terror in his younger years, constantly barking, chasing cabbage moths and birds all day in the yard, a little agro with other dogs, hated cats, attacked light traffic buttons, and would bite the lead… he didn’t do a whole lot of exploring until he got much older as he caused a ruckus wherever he went!  

My dear Pa had a long battle with cancer a couple of years back and Buckley moved in with Pa and kept him company during that time. They became very good mates and Buckley took great care of Pa. Since then, Bucks has moved around quite a bit, from road trips with my parents, to living on my grandparent’s property in Mansfield, and now living the beach bum van life with me. We recently did a trip up to Crescent Head together. 

Buckley has become completely obsessed with the van, and will push past anyone and anything to race down to the van if he hears the front door opening (he has knocked over my housemates several times). Often Bucks will go missing, and we all know to check down at the van as most of the time he is just sitting by it, waiting on his next adventure. 

 Buckley is very chilled and happy in his own company. He’s an inquisitive little boy and you will always find him dawdling at the back, sniffing everything out. 

2. What do you like to do most with your dog? 

Buckley and I love to go camping and on road trips. He will sit up front on the bench seat with me, taking in the sights, occasionally having a bark off with big trucks. Buckley loves to nap in his donut bed by a camp fire, in his beach tent on the sand, or on my bed in the van and watch out the back window. Bucks also loves the wind in his hair, riding the quad bike with me. 


 3. Tell me something about yourself! 

I’m absolutely crazy about dogs and my friends refer to my house as ‘the dog house’ as it's always full of dogs. I used to have my own dog walking business, I collect mini dog statues, and I have a tattoo that says ‘In Dogs We Trust’. It’s rare to see me out and about without a dog. 

 4.What are your favourite spots to take your dog with you? Any particular campsites, beaches, cities? Please recommend something for other dog lovers! 

Buckley loves going camping at Johanna Beach, Stevensons Falls, Apollo Bay Rec Reserve, the Murray River, the Edward River in Deniliquin, and Inverleigh to name a few faves – all free and dog friendly! 

5. Can you recommend any brands for dogs? 

I’m not very brand loyal but love anything recycled or repurposed. You won’t see Buckley without his red bandana, which I picked up from an op shop. WetDog ponchos are amazing as they are made from recycled plastic. Just take one look at Buckley’s face and you can see just how much he loved wearing his poncho too   

6. We all know that our dogs are becoming similar to us or we are becoming similar to our dogs. What similar features do you and your doggo share?? 

Buckley and I are both quite gregarious, with a love for adventure. We both love cruising around in the van, going to the beach, and chilling by the campfire. We also both get serious FOMO and don’t like missing out on fun. We’re both easy to please when it comes to food, and love Fish n Chips. 

7. If your dog could talk what would he say about you? (we all know that we are truly ourselves around our dogs haha) 

Bucks would probably say I was a complete nutter – I have about 100 different dog voices that I rotate around. I love to chat to Buckley, sing to him, tell him how handsome he is and thank him for being a wonderful friend and very good boy. So, he would probably say that I’m pretty good sister, I hope! 

The one thing is obvious, Jac and Buckley are seriously mates you can't pass without notice! I am super happy we had a chance to take some snaps of them as Buckley is 15 years now, and hopefully, he will live forever. With that lifestyle, I believe he will!

If you want to follow their adventures, check Jac's IG profile : @trustd0gs 


Marching recycled dog and human drying surf poncho

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