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Katie and Zeally - an incredible connection between a human and a dog.

Katie and Zeally - an incredible connection between a human and a dog.

Some of you might know that we love sharing stories of dogs and their owners from the Surfcoast. We only wish that we have more time to do it!

One of our fav stories is the story of Katie's connection with her doggo while she was diagnosed with cancer.

One day, she noticed that Zeally, one of her beautiful pups, was sleeping on her stomach and sniffing her belly. So she started getting really protective over Katie. Katie thought this was pretty unusual, and for the moment, she thought that maybe she was pregnant.

It turned out she wasn't pregnant, and the doctors didn't see anything suspicious. However, Katie started feeling very tired, with no energy instead with radiating back pain. Zeally didn't want to leave her mumma even for a minute and she often rested calmly on her belly.

A little while later, Katie found out that she had rare cancer, a tumour frowning off her spine and into her stomach. So Zeally had known the whole time and been attached to Katie like glue for months.

Katie is almost a year out of surgery now, and she has had the last 12 months off work learning to walk again and recovering. So her doggies have been like therapy dogs whilst going through all of that.

She is finally at the stage where she can start walking them again. It gives her so much joy each day to just do something as simple as a walk and be able to take them into nature and just be.

This story shows how these beautiful, simple moments with loved ones and our dogs are precious and essential in life. We took pictures of Katie, Paul and their fury babies a few months back, and as we follow their journey, we know that recently Katie had her first surf after her surgery and Katie and Paul got engaged not long time ago! Congrats guys!

We wish you lots of memorable moments, adventures and endless dog cuddles.

We are so so happy for you all! Thank you for participating in the series " Behind the Dog" by Wet Dog.

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