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Southcoast surfboards shaper and his little snoring friends ;p

Southcoast surfboards shaper and his little snoring friends ;p

Wet dog and Co is about wet dogs, and I wet people, people who love the ocean and nature! One of these people is Ian Chisholm.

He had the vision to build a surfboard manufacturing business for an open-minded surfer like himself. Fast forward to more than 10,000 shapes and over 7000 laminations later, Ian is still forging a path in the surf industry for producing the finest hand-crafted surfboards, on top of that, he's got the funniest little dogs, so we could not miss this opportunity and chat with Ian.


I love how soft and loving ... and in that case, also pretty funny people talk about their pups!


Meet Betty - British Bulldog, and Gary - a French Bulldog. 



"They have funny traits, mentioned Ian. British bulldogs, in particular, are pretty lazy; they snore a lot, roll around, don't do much, like to lay down on the couch and have funny personalities. Frenchies are a bit of the opposite. They run around and get a bit crazy, but still, they are great friends!


I: British bulldogs are pretty easy to maintain; they are couch potatoes! You just feed them, and they go to sleep. They are like grub slugs, which are fat slugs, so this is what they look like.


N: Do you know that dogs are usually very similar to their owners? ( haha) Are you grub slag? 


I: Well yeah, I am a bit of a couch potato.


N: Why did you choose these dogs?


I: I grew up with British Bull Terriers, which look like little piglets. I really loved them but wanted to try something different, so I have tried British Bulldog. Frenchies are also different and make weird noises, run around, and look like mini bulldogs with pointy ears. They are just a bit dum and more challenging to look after than big bulldogs. 


N: Which one is more similar to you?

I: Probably Betty - British Bulldog, as she is pretty broad, short in shape, and dorky, perhaps a little stubborn. She does what she wants whenever she wants. Eats a lost and snores a bit...


N: Similar to you?

I: Yeah, maybe. Just love laying on the couch.. ;p


Southcoastsurfboards and Ian


N: What your dogs would say about you. They know your REAL you as they are around you all the time.


I: They would say that I am a really good dad, I walk them, I feed them and path them a lot, but sometimes I get annoyed with them, so they probably would say that I am pretty cool.


N: Do you take your dogs for any adventures? To the beach etc.?


I: They kind of lemons, they can't do too much as they have flat noses, but they are cool to look at ;p

They don't like the heat & They are not up much for much adventure. I can take them to work, they can cruise around, and besides that they sleep lots. They dont need too long walks as they get tired very quickly. Betty likes the water, Garry not that much. He runs away from the water, or generally, he would run away haha ;p If he sees something to chase, he is GONE.


N: Are you taking your dogs to work? 

I: Garry would run away as he is like a little rabbit. So sometimes, I would take Betty. But they are crazy, they would bite on resin etc. 



N: So. they are hardcore like you?

I: They just don't care, but I need to be careful as they would eat something which is not great for them.

They like to chase birds, too, they would sit under the tree and watch them for hours; they never caught one; they are to slow and too fat, haha.


: NO, NO - they snore!

N: Why not? they are cuddly little things.

I: Not really; they are snotty little pigs ;p When you allow them to be in bed, they will push you off the bed. The next minute you wake up, and you have a bulldog face next to yours, slobbering on you. Then they would jump all over me and onto each other! So Nah, sorry.


N: Do your dogs surf?

I: Garry doesn't like the water, but he tried skateboarding. Betty though, wears clothes. She has even got a tutu! We dress her up as a little ballerina. She wears hats, jumpers etc., and she loves it!

N: Well, we need to got her Wet Dog and Co poncho! She would look so cute, even if she doesn't like the water, she could get cosy after a bath ;p


Thanks, Ian, for sharing all the details about your dogs! It was so much fun to listen and write it afterwards! I will share the surfing stories for another time :)


For all of you readers, if you would like to check a local surfboard shaper and his little pigs haha, here is his website, so drop in: 



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