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Exploring the World with Adam-James and His Furry Sidekick, Lenni

Exploring the World with Adam-James and His Furry Sidekick, Lenni

Adam James and his trusty sidekick, Lenni the pup, have been living the dream and travelling around Australia in a van. They’ve been surfing, camping, and adventuring their way around the country, and they’ve had some incredible experiences along the way. Adam is a musician, and he’s been using his time on the road to write and record new music. I bumped into his gig while travelling in Byron Bay, and I really found his music incredible! I could not miss the opportunity to share their story with you guys!


Adam-James found Lenni as a small puppy in Townsville, North Queensland three years ago and decided to take him in as a foster. He chose the name Lenni based on a family he met just before finding him, who had a newborn child named Lenny. Adam-James and Lenni have been living in a van together and travelling around Australia ever since. They love visiting places where Lenni can be off-leash and playing with other dogs. One of their favorite spots is West Beach in Esperance, WA.


West Beach - Esperance - WA

Lenni loves swimming in the ocean with Adam-James and they even surf together on his longboard when the waves are small. Adam-James' most memorable moment with Lenni was when he was playing a headline show at the Westernport Hotel in San Remo, VIC. Halfway through the last song of his set, Lenni started howling and singing along with him! Everyone was laughing and it was such a memorable experience for all that were there.

Adam-James has been pursuing music as a full-time career since the start of 2022. He decided to live in his van so that he wasn't limited to where he could play, due to accommodation costs.

We asked Adam-James what Lenni would say about him if he could talk. He laughed and said, "My dog would say that I make him run around too much! Haha! I try to take Lenni for long runs and walks every morning, especially if I have to play a show in the evening. When I play shows, Lenni usually has to stay in the van, so I make sure he's as tired as possible beforehand so that he just sleeps through the whole thing!" We had a great time catching up with Adam-James and Lenni and we wish them all the best on their travels around Australia!


To support James please listen his amazing tunes!

Check his IG profile -

Spotify - Adam-James 


Jack Russel Terrier traveling Australia



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