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Travel by van with dog

Traveling with Your Dog: Tips for a Safe and Fun Adventure

Travel by van with dog


Traveling with your furry best friend can be a real treat, but it does come with its own set of challenges. Fear not, my fellow paw-rent, for I have some fun and useful tips to help you make the most of your adventures together:

    1. Pack like a pro: Make sure to pack enough food, water, treats, and toys to keep your dog happy and healthy on the road. Don't forget our drying dog robe - Wet Dog and Co 100% recycled Poncho will which will keep your dog dry after the swim and cosy when it will get a bit cooler.
    2. Safety first: Always keep your dog secured in a crate or seat belt harness while driving. Don't forget to bring their leash and collar - our waterproof ones are perfect for travels as they don't smell and can bare with all muddy adventures! Make sure they have an ID tag with your contact information. If you want to keep them secured on the beach while surfing or swimming get one of Doggy Anchor!
    3. Keep them comfortable: Bring along their favourite blanket, bed, and any medication they might need. Don't forget to stop regularly for potty breaks, water, and exercise.
    4. Research pet-friendly accommodations: Look for hotels, Airbnbs, and campgrounds that welcome furry guests, and double-check their pet policies before booking.
    5. Be respectful: Always clean up after your dog and be mindful of other travelers who may not be as comfortable around dogs.
    6. Have fun: Remember to enjoy the journey with your furry companion! Take plenty of pictures, try new activities together, and make unforgettable memories.
    7. Pack for emergencies: Bring a first aid kit for your dog, as well as any necessary medication, such as flea and tick prevention. Keep a copy of their vaccination records with you as well.
    8. Exercise before travel: Give your dog plenty of exercise before hitting the road to help them relax during the journey.
    9. Keep them entertained: Bring along some of their favourite toys, chews, or puzzle feeders to keep them occupied during long stretches of driving or downtime at the accommodation. 

Happy travels, paw-rents!


Waterproof and stinkproof collar and lead

matching drying ponchos for people and dogs


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